Paintings and Prints 2018 Douglas Max Utter (for info and purchase contact
Annunciation (2018) 67"/72" latex paint, acrylic
paint, oil pastel on canvas (available)
Moonlight (2018) 24"/24" acrylic paint, latex
paint, black pastel on canvas (available)
Late Shift (2018) 10"/10" acrylic
paint, oil pastel on panel (available)
Extended Family 2 (final Study) (2018) 24"/24" acrylic paint on
canvas (available)
Gertrude Rozella (2018) 71"/67" acrylic on canvas (available)
The Lady and the Bear (2018) 12"/12" acrylic
paint, pastel on canvas (available)
White Lake (2018) 10"/10" acrylic paint, oil
pastel on panel (available)
Pirate (2018) 10"/10"  acrylic paint, pastel on
panel (available)
St. Clair Avenue Elegy (2018) 24"/24" acrylic
paint, oil paint, charcoal on canvas (available)
Imaginary wig (2018) 12"/12" acrylic paint on canvas
Holiday Inn, Flintstone T (2018) 39"/32" acrylic, pastel, shellac, acrylic
glaze on canvas (available)
House Guests (final) 2018 24"/24" acrylic paint, pastel, pencil on canvas
Rehearsal for Salome (2018) 25"/25" acrylic paint, shellac, black pastel on
canvas (sold)
Abjection: Five Minutes before the End of the World 2018 25"/25" acrylic,
pencil, shellac on canvas (available, contact artist)
Vinyl Couch (2018) 12"/12" acrylic paint, pastel, shellac on
canvas (available)
Inanna (2018) 30"/24" acrylic on canvas (nfs)
Daffodil (2018) 12"/9" acrylic on canvas
Jen (2018) 25"/25" acrylic paint on canvas (available)
Disconsolate Woman in a Velvet Room (2018) 20"/16" acrylic
paint, pencil on canvas (available, contact artist