Contents of issue 1

Amber Kempthorn at 1point618                                                (dm utter)

Charles Kanwischer at Shaheen Contemporary and Modern                (dm utter)

Dott Schneider at Legation a gallery                                                (dm utter)

Katy Richards at Arts Collinwood                                                        (dm utter)

Brinsley Tyrrell, Austin Thomas at William Busta                                (dm utter)

Please stay tuned -- further reviews and other programming will be
posted in the next few days!

People at Giraffe Trap:

Douglas Max Utter, editor
John Howitt, designer
Phil Kibbe, videographer
Matthew Anthony Mascia, videographer
dj Hellerman, writer
Dan Tranberg, writer

And thanks to our loyal supporters
William Busta Gallery
                        Kim Bissett
                        Barbara and Caroline Eckles

Giraffe Trap Magazine is an arts journal which will, in time, feature text
reviews, video interviews, gallery walk-throughs, and studio visits,
among other activities. We hope to actually be art, sometimes.  
Eventually we also intend to compile a comprehensive searchable archive
of arts-related writing in the Midwest, covering a period of about 50