paintings 2020
Crosswalk 2020 (30"/30") acrylic, nlack
pastel on canvas (available, contact
Trending 2020, 30"/30' tar, acrylic paint,
charcoal on canvas (available, contact artist)
Study (Head) 2020 14"/11" acrylic
paint on panel (available)
Self Portrait in Mask with Filter (2020) oil on canvas
12"/12" available
PJAM in shades (based on photo by PJAM) 2020 12'/12' acrylic
on canvas NFS
Self Portrait, Napping (2020) 12"/12" oil on canvas (available)
Mother and Child at Sunset (2020) 30"/24" oil on canvas (available)
Visit to Trempealeau (2020) 10"/10" oil on panel (available)
Shade 10"/10" 2020 oil on canvas (for sale by artist por)
Selfie (2020) 12"/12" oil on canvas (for sale by artist por)
Prisoner (2020) 12"/12" oil on panel (for sale by artist por)
Drama Endgame (2020) oil on canvas 24"/24" (available)