Paintings and Prints 2017
Rat Woman (2017) 24"/24" latex paint, gouache, pastel, tar on
canvas (available, contact
Coming Up for Air Study (2) (2017) 14"/11"
etching ink, pencil on RIVES BFK (sold)
Drive-In (2017) 28"/24" acrylic paint, latex paint, pastel on
canvas (available, contact:
United Labor Agency $5th Annioversary (annual report
cover study) 2017 11"/10" gouache, etching inl on Rives
Landscape Near Hayden and Shaw Avenues, East Cleveland
(2017) 24"/24" acrylic paint, gouache, pastel on canvas (available,
Coming Up for Air Study (1) 2017 etching
ink, charcoal on Rives BFK 14"/11" (NFS)
Self Portrait Study for Zygote Press (2017) 14"/11"
etching ink, gouache, charcoal on Rives BFK